Monday, April 22, 2019

(excuse quality of pictures — too windy!)

Blue Eyed Grass and Checkermallow
Mule’s Ears (Narrowleaf ?)
(young) Jerusalem Cricket
Common Yarrow
California Hedge Nettle

Hookedspur VioletViola adunca – Western Dog Violet
Wight’s Paint Brush – Castilleja wightii
Field Chickweed
Henderson’s Angelica
Celery Leaf Lovage

Pussy-EarsCalochortus tolmiei

Pussy-EarsCalochortus tolmiei
Blue Eyed Grass
Rosy Butter & Eggs (?)

Alameda Thistle Cirsium quercetorum – Brownie Thistle

San Francisco Owl’s-Clover Triphysaria floribunda
Seaside Daisy
California Goldfields
Yellow Bush Lupine
California Manroot

Common CowparsnipHeracleum maximum
Wild Strawberry
Coast Rockcress
Seep Monkey Flower
California Phacelia
(Hybrid) Lupine
Coast Rockcress
California Poppy
Great Horned Owl